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How to exit vim editor in Ubuntu || How to set default editor Ubuntu

Set Default editor in ubuntu sudo update-alternatives --config editor Type 2 and hit enter nano will be set as default editor

How to run local gems in rails || How to override gem's in rails

Create new gem in your rails app Standard is local gems are kept in Vendor folders Give path in your Gemfile EX: path 'vendor/local_gems' do #this is your gem folder   gem 'countries'  #your local gem name   gem 'country_select' # your another local gem end run bundle install

Write simple html text in into rails tags

You can write simple text inside rails tag like link_to button_tag, submit_tag, text_field_tag etc.. (raw("<strong class='text-danger'>Decline</strong")) example : <%= link_to  (raw("<strong class='text-danger'>Decline</strong")), welcome_path %>

Amazing websites on internet

infinite zoom website Real time hacking attacks Point anywhere in the screen, you will get pointed images after some seconds

Download Sacred games 2

Download Sacred Games Season-2 all episode Click here to Download Episode-1 Click here to Download Episode-2 Click here to Download Episode-3 Click here to Download Episode-4 Click here to Download Episode-5 Click here to Download Episode-6 Click here to Download Episode-7 Click here to Download Episode-8