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How to use switch case in angular view

      <div ng-switch =" varible_name ">           <div ng-switch-when ="value1"><p>{{ value1}}</p></div>           <div ng-switch-when ="value2"><p>{{ value2 }}</p></div>           <div ng-switch-when ="value3"><p>{{ value3 }}</p></div>           <div ng-switch-when ="value4"><p>{{ value4}}</p></div>           <div ng-switch-default >...</div>       </div>

Get Height and Width of Image when upload

<script type="text/javascript">  var _URL = window.URL || window.webkitURL;  $('#structure_product_image').on('change', function() { //pass here file field id    var image, file;    if ((file = this.files[0])) {      image = new Image();      image.onload = function() {        $("#error_message").text("");        if (this.width <= 700) {          $("#error_message").text("Width should be greater than 700 pixel!") //id where you want to display text        }        else if (this.height <= 600){          $("#error_message").text("Height should be greater than 600 pixel!")        }        else if (this.height >= this.width){          $("#error_message").text("Height should not be greater than Width")        }        if($("#error_message").text() == ""){          $("#save_product").prop("disabled" , false)