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Create react app by live-server || live Server || React App

First install node and check node -v and npm -v Create a directory mkdir <your_directory_name> Run command npm init (press enter and use all defaults) by this command package.json file will be created in root directory for creating Dependency we run this command npm install --save-dev babel-cli babel-preset-react npm install --save-dev babel-cli babel-preset-env sudo npm install -g  babel-cli babel-preset-env babel-preset-react ( Installed "babel-cli@6.26.0" with binaries:  - babel-doctor  - babel - babel-node  - babel-external-helpers ) this packages are created. Install live server npm  install  -g  live - server Now again make a directory inside root directory mkdir public (you can take name as you want) mkdir src (you can take name what ever you want you want) inside public folder create two new file index.html index.js inside src folder create one new file  main.js ( this is file where react app execution is start. you can take

how to run rails console on other port

Open Console or Terminal When we do rails s  it will run by default on 3000 port number if you want to run on specific port then rails s -p <port-number> Hit local host on by remote address  Go to browser            And type in the url bar or search bar -            If your address is like this localhost:3000 Here 3000 is a port number if you are running localhost on another port then remote address will be<your current port number>