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What is Sequence | SQL Tutorial 18

What is Sequence A Sequence is Database Object and its completely independent object. Use - Sequence are used to generate sequential integers values. and we can also create primary key values by using sequences. Example-   Suppose you are submitting bank application form with fields name, surname, dob, gender and so on.. when you click on submit records is stored in a table. but there is one more column in a table that is serial number of customer that is automatically maintained. Syntax- create sequence sequence_name; // its will start with 1 and incremented by 1 by default. 1,2,3 Now suppose we have to generate value from 100 and incremented by 10.\ create sequence emp_no Start With 100 Incremented By 10; if You want to know current value of the sequence- CURRVAL if You want to know next value of the sequence-  NEXTVAL Practice-  Step-1 - create a table create table employee( emp_id number, name varchar2(100), dob date, salary number); Step-2- creat