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What is Synonyms | SQL Tutorial 19

What is Synonyms Synonyms is a permanent alias name for table Types of synonyms- public synonyms - is used by all authenticate users. private synonyms - is only used by owner of the object. By Default a synonyms to be created as private synonyms. Syntax-  create synonyms synonyms_name For table_name; create synonyms eit For employee_info_table; // now you can use synonyms instead of table name like... select * from eit; Practice-  Step-1 - create a table create table employee( emp_id number, name varchar2(100), dob date, salary number); Step-2- create a synonyms create synonyms emp for employee // by default you can not create synonym you have to connect to DBA. Step-3- conn system // enter your password step-4- grant create synonyms to rahul (use your oracle name here) step-5 conn rahul/7533 Step-6- create synonyms again create synonyms emp for employee  Now apply some operation  select * from emp;